Thoracic / Cardiothoracic

The Best Virginia Thoracic & Cardiothoracic Surgeons

Specialists in tumors and strictures of the trachea and major bronchi, minimally invasive surgery, tracheal surgery, lung transplantation and the diagnosis and treatment of ground glass opacities
• Adult thoracic surgery
• Pediatric thoracic surgery
• Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
• Lung transplantation
• Minimally-invasive mitral valve surgery,
• Lung volume reduction surgery
• Surgery for emphysema
• Black lung surgery
• Heart disease
• Coronary disease
• Muscle & bone of the chest wall
• Surgical ablation ( Maze procedure) for treating atrial fibrillation (Afib)
To avoid an otherwise required pneumonectomy, the top thoracic surgeons in Virginia perform a lobectomy with a sleeve resection of the bronchus surgery where the ends of the bronchus are rejoined and any remaining lobes are reattached. Then the lung and main bronchus (airway) tumors are removed along with the surrounding lymph glands while the lung tissue itself is preserved.
Surgical ablation for Afib treatment makes very specific and defined lesions in the heart. Scar tissue forms, blocking the abnormal electrical signals while also creating a controlled path for electricity in the heart to follow. The heartbeat should eventually normalize.
The Maze procedure may be performed by the top Virginia thoracic surgeons as either a primary open atrial operation; a primary closed atrial operation and/or aortic valve replacement (AVR) operations; and standalone operations when the only goal is to perform surgical ablation to treat Afib.