Female Surgeons

The Best Virginia Female Surgeons

Today there are ten female Department Chairs of Surgery in the country yet 50% of all medical school enrollments are women; as the field of surgery in Virginia is still aggressive and male-dominated. Life is complicated with over 75% of women surgeons experiencing gender discrimination and a 20% attrition rate due to divorce, mental & physical health issues, school-aged children, and elderly parents. And when it comes to salaries, the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014, found female Virginia surgeons earned only 62 percent of what their male counterparts were paid. So when a Virginia female surgeon is called ‘the best’ in her field of specialty then we are making headway.
There are significant personality differences between male and female surgeons, and they are driven by different factors. Women communicate better and are more driven in ways that males are especially when it comes to patient communication and care.
Women are more pragmatic, realistic, intuitive, with far less in denial than males.
For example, male physician pilots have the highest incident of accident mortality. Female physician pilots have almost no accident mortality. It’s because women listen. When the tower says, ‘Come back,’ the women follow directions and some of the men don’t…