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The Best Virginia Surgeons

Find the Best Virginia surgeons for cosmetic, orthopedics, rhinoplasty in Charlottesville, Northern Virginia, Richmond, Roanoke & Virginia Beach.
The best surgeons in Virginia are usually found in large metropolitan areas and in university towns since most new surgical developments come about from great education, perseverance and extensive, innovative research and are located in Alexandria, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, Richmond, Roanoke and Virginia Beach.
With a minimum of the 15 years of education that a surgeon has to have, they all have a superb knowledge of pathology, physiology, anatomy and pharmacology and will provide all of the details you need to fully understand your surgical plan and what you can expect during and after your surgery. The state of Virginia has nine teaching colleges (Virginia School of Medicine at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Commonwealth School of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine in Roanoke, Eastern Virginia School of Medicine in Norfolk, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Blacksburg, Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Lynchburg, George Washington University Medical School in Washington DC, Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington DC and Howard University College of Medicine in Washington DC.) . These fine medical teaching schools along with the training received through the American College of Surgeons produce many of the top Virginia surgeons. For example, view the notable discoveries that UVA was instrumental in achieving. Life-threatening, high-risk surgeries such as an abdominal aortic aneurysm, cancer surgery, carotid endarterectomy, heart bypass surgery or heart valve replacement demand that you, as the patient and recipient of this life-threatening surgery, scrutinize the experience, qualifications, and success and complication rates of every Virginia surgeon and his hospital for these operations.
Desirable Traits of A Qualified Virginia Surgeon
Caring personality
Above average intelligence
Uses an ethical approach
Realistic about the outcome
Always willing to learn the new techniques
Superb hand/eye co-ordination
A respected surgeon is not only a leader in his community but in the operation room. He takes full responsibility for each operation’s outcome and continuously motivates his skilful, surgery team to learn the newest techniques and to be disciplined under the most trying of circumstances. Surgeons must know their strengths and deficits. It is not enough to be bright and creative anymore. You have to know how to find and motivate people who can sweat the details and be at peace with the reality of change. You need to be compliant to what’s happening in the world of surgery today and that world is more powerful than you are and communication is critical. While it’s a wonderful accolade, it still is extremely rigorous and trying to be called “The best.” Should You Get A Second Opinion? We recommend you always get a second opinion if you and/or your family: have a gut feeling that the surgeon might be wrong with his recommendation; if the surgery is not an emergency but still serious and life-threatening. (We have ALL heard those horror stories of loved ones entering the hospital outpatient clinic for a quick surgery and they end up dying. See CBS’s Anatomy of a Mistake.) You have the right to know if this is the best treatment. If you are in Medicare then read this: Second Opinions Before Surgery. And Columbia University Dept of Surgery’s: Second Opinion FAQs. With 90 hospitals in Virginia, there are numerous qualified Virginia surgeons to choose from (primarily, but not 100% of the time) out of the largest 9 hospital corporations: Bon Secours, Carilion Clinic, Centra Health, Hospital Corporation of America, Inova, LifePoint Health, Riverside Health System, UVA Health System in Charlottesville & University of Virginia Health System–Novant Health. But who are the best surgeons? Each hospital believes they have a surgeon who is the most highly qualified. And we don’t disagree…But remember, surgeons & hospital corporations are in the business to make a profit. So why not use the top surgeon in his field of expertise especially if it’s going to cost you the same amount? This is how Virginia Surgeons can help you find the best in their respective field of expertise: Colon & Rectal | General | Pediatric | Vascular | Hand | Critical Care | Neurologic | OB/GYN | Ophthalmologic | Oral & Maxillofacial | Orthopaedic | Otolaryngology | Plastic | Thoracic & Cardiovascular | Urology A prospective surgery patient will always be apprehensive and scared when they first meet their chosen surgeon, so it’s up to him/her to put them at ease by talking to the patient and make them feel at home. There are several ways to feel comfortable with your Virginia surgeon. Ask them about their Board Certification and what they are board-certified in Ask how many of these type of operations Are they affiliated with which hospital for this type of procedure? or a private medical centre? Ask for before and after pics of this specific operation Then you need to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. Decide whether you feel comfortable with your life in their hand. Things To Do Before Major Surgery We recommend you call in a patient advocate for help negotiating the operation price(s) before your surgery and to re-read the hospital’s fine print. (Why not negotiate the price now instead of waiting for the almighty bills to arrive? And get it in writing!) A Virginia patient advocate is trained to look for duplicate charges and incorrect billing codes. Plus a top Virginia advocate may save or recover 16% to 45% of the surgery and recovery costs. A great place to begin your search is on Angie’s List. How To Pay For Your Surgery Without Insurance If you have no health insurance and/or Medicare refuses to cover a wanted surgery then you need to do some quick thinking. Read this article and save big! We have searched for a way to purchase a one-time surgery insurance policy; but alas have come up flat. When The Bills Arrive Beware of surprise billing! This happens when a Virginia surgeon near me is called into assist on an operation and he/she is NOT in your insurance network or…in-network hospital. When this happens you’ll end up owing the difference from what your insurance company negotiates with the hospital billing department. And this could be anywhere from an 8th to a 5th of the surgeon’s bill. Do not be naive of your health insurance. Try to use hospitals that are in your insurance network. Billings are extremely complicated (for a reason!), so read the fine print and then go over it with your trusted (paid) hospital advocate. Many times a qualified Virginia surgeon will not be in your insurance network, even though the hospital is. (Go figure that one out!) And 99% of the time you won’t know this, nor will you be offered an option. So read this: Cracking the Codes on Your Medical Bills. Here’s a Complaint Tool for Virginians who feel they were ripped off (Click Here) Click here to see which hospitals earned the worst scores for hospital-acquired infections (the complete US list and map). (Hit + to zero in on Virginia.) Good Luck and thanks for visiting! We HOPE we can help.